US-Africa Housing Finance (USAHF) is an American company that delivers attractive, market-rate returns by purchasing home finance contracts and distributing the interest to investors. The home finance contracts are all US dollar-denominated and backed by high-quality homes in West Africa. The homes are purchased by West African diaspora (living in the US or Western Europe) who wish to own a home in the country of their birth.

Pyramid Jobomax

USAHF has an exclusive agreement with Jobomax which has been in business since 2014. Jobomax markets, builds and sells high-quality homes in West Africa. 

After Jobomax sells a home in West Africa, USAHF buys the proceeds (interest + principal) of the home finance contract. USAHF then distributes a portion of the finance charges to all investors on a quarterly basis.

USAHF attracts investors that seek:

  • High and predictable yield in a diversified portfolio of dollar-denominated loans
  • Excellent collateral (title does not pass to home buyer until contract is fully paid). Current portfolio Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio is approximately 60%
  • A socially responsible investment that is helping thousands of people (both the diaspora who purchase the homes and the people employed in Africa that build the homes)
  • An alternative investment that is appropriate for both an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) or non-retirement account